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Chad's Approach:

As a renowned leadership coach and motivational speaker, Chad takes a deep dive into the arena of personal development and transformation in all areas of one's life. 


Chad's coaching and speaking style is compassion, yet direct.   He brings a unique blend of practical strategies and powerful mindset shifts that will educate, equip, and empower you to take control of your life, leadership, and greatest dreams.  

Through engaging conversations and penetrating questions, Chad explores different perspectives and strategies for personal growth and maximum performance.  Chad understands many of the challenges and struggles faced by leaders, and provides tools and guidance needed to navigate through them successfully.  Chad Patterson Coaching can address a wide range of topics related to personal development and leadership transformation for leaders, teams, and organizations. 


Some of the key topics may include:

1. Strategies for meaningful goals with action plans.

2. Mindset and mindset shifts. 

3. Become a strengths focused leader.

4. Building healthy and strong relationships.

5. Fully Engage in all dimensions of your life.

6. Clarity of purpose. 

7. Building daily habits for resilience and success.

8. Develop a growth plan for your leadership and team. 

9. Align core values in your life and leadership. 

10. Master the art of giving and receiving feedback. 

Chad will lead you on a transformational journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.  He will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your full potential.  Get ready to unlock your true potential in your life and leadership, creating the life you've always dreamed of living.  

Learn more about Chad's leadership core values in his new book "Leadership H.E.A.R.T. Unleashed- Igniting a Revolution of Influence and Impact".   Proven frameworks, principles, and strategies to create greater results in your life and leadership are shared in an easy to read toolbox you won't want to put down!  

Founder and Coach Chad Patterson


"Chad is an exceptional servant leader with a heart for improving leadership within his community.  His positive attitude and phenomenal drive are incredibly contagious.  I would highly recommend Chad as a coach, mentor, trainer, leader, and friend!"

Mark,   External Affairs Manager

"Chad has been (and is) an exceptional leadership coach to me over the last year.  I’ve been in a leadership transition role with my company and each coaching session Chad always provides me with a unique and wise perspective on the particular challenge for that week.  He coaches me on effective and practical ways to approach the situation, provides validation and encouragement when I’m on the right track, and is my accountability partner (which I need) to help me follow through with our game plan for that week.  I greatly value Chad’s wisdom and counsel as he walks along side me during my leadership journey."

Joe, Vice President


"The second Chad's presence hits the phone or room he instantly draws people together. He is a natural leader who genuinely strives to bring the strongest strengths out of everyone around him. His authenticity, transparency, inclusive management, and love for people goes unmatched. I promise you will never meet another man like him in business, you won't forget him after just one conversation. His dedication to helping others is seen in his business strategies, his immediate follow ups, and his ability to listen with the intent to truly hear your needs. Chad, won't just be an asset to your team, project or business growth; Chad is the man who will take your team to the next level and the community around them to its full potential."

Laura, CCO

New release by leadership coach and expert Chad Patterson
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